List of marginal pleasures

List of marginal pleasures

Writer Gblog 16/12/2019 2 Comments

We're gonna talk about marginal things. These pleasures are not for everyone. Browse the list. Maybe you want to do some.

Your favorite food. You shouldn't eat it over and over again. Turn your hunger into happiness. Go outside. A restaurant cafe. Eat something different. Sour Mexican dessert. Maybe you could eat Japanese sea creatures.

Speaking of Japan ...How about a madness. Give your friends a party. How about a sushi. The best sushi is eaten at body temperature. First, you need to wash. With odorless soap. You need leaves to put under sushi. You can stop by a florist before. Over, the food is quite marginal.

Ariana Grande - 7 rings. Walk like a cat on the table. But this table must be quite big. You should also listen to Ariana Grande - 7 rings. So this walk is only possible with this song.

Kiss the waves. This summer action is quite fun. First you have to find a wavy sea. Every time the water hits you, you'il kiss the wave.

Yeah, the big secret of the universe.  Men dressing in panties. Get a new panties for this. Hearted ... Nobody knows what's inside. Especially those with string dreams.

4k plumber watch. For this, we close the house valve. We need to find a hammer. Connection under the kitchen cabinet, if possible. Yeah, that's it. We're breaking it. The plumber we called doesn't have to be in uniform. But you can watch this clip live.

Pretty classic action. Get in a cafe. Put on the mirror sunglasses. And order. If you want to exaggerate a little more; just for yourself. Ask for two drinks at the same time. One coke and one latte. Or a ginger tea with a lemon.

There's something coming out every day. It's called a newspaper. I don't know what you're doing. I think it's for packing. If you're thinking of reading it; Make yourself a drink. Of course, milk mango shake.


Stephanie D.:
18/12/2019, 01:43:01 PM

Very strange ... I'll try the waves.

18/12/2019, 01:46:38 PM

Thanks for the ideas

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