What diamond? (guide)

What diamond? (guide)

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I will tell you the cheapest and best quality diamonds. This will be a guide for your purchase.

Review the following, Trust my experience.


Idea 1:

Metal frame: These are the metal part except stone. We call it "monter." (or montör)

Monter are 14K, 18K etc gold products.  First of all, you should choose silver instead of gold. That way we'll make a profit of at least $ 500.

The Advantages:

Silver is the same coating as gold.  White rhodium or gold plating.  It is also silver antibacterial.  It is beneficial to health.

What if silver wears out over the years?  A neighborhood mechanic can make it brand new for you. Prices like $ 10


Idea 2:


Few people get a chance to see big diamonds.  So it's not easy to tell what I mean.

We've seen a lot of stones over the years. Zirconium, Glass, Plastic.  You can also add colored stones.  Sapphire, emerald and so on.

No stone is as beautiful as a diamond.  It's like watching the sea from a room full of mirrors.  You can look at that single point projection for hours.

Take the biggest stone you can get.


Lifetime robust. Hit with hammer. The hammer is damaged. But diamonds are as they are.

Always stylish.  Charming.


Idea 3:

Diamond prices are updated every week. Our diamond supplier will send us an email from watsapp. They give us carat, gram, price.

The price of thousands of diamonds from 0.5mm to 5mm. They range from $ 250 to $ 250000.

Sample production:

Diamond $ 1000.

Monter $ 750.

Total $ 1750. If you think we're gonna sell $ 1750, you're wrong.

We sell on average $ 3000.  In fact, if we are a good brand, we will raise up to $ 6000.

Do you see it as an investment tool? Face the truth. If you want to give it back to the jeweler, they'il give you $ 1500.


You really must be rich.  Or your girlfriend must be rich.  Why does a woman want it because she loves it?


Idea 4:

Our goal is not to give you technical details about diamonds.  We want to be your buying guide

Diamonds have color and stain.

Color, Yellow-white to white.  Price increases as you whiten. Blemishes are disorders in the stone.  It is divided into four classes.  In general, SI is acceptable.


White color and SI quality should be your choice.  Trust our experience.


Idea 5:

Do you know that diamonds can be made in the lab?

Swedish Clock companies give importance to soundness. The glass of the watch is important in this regard. These friends made artificial diamonds thanks to their R & D.

Compression of coal with high temperature and pressure. Their aim was not to scratch or break the glass.  But it helped us.

Until 5 years ago it was quite yellow.  But with developing technology it is now white.


All features are the same with natural diamonds.  SI quality.  And the color is white.


Idea 6:

I was really curious about the difference between laboratory diamonds and natural diamonds.  I took it to an expert I knew about it.  And I didn't say it was an artificial diamond.

My expert friend: 20 years doing this job.  And the stone expert of a world famous brand.

Jewelery thoroughly examined with a magnifying glass.  He measured it.

He said $ 10,000.  And I was shocked.


There is no difference unless a detailed analysis is performed in a laboratory. This means that for every cut around you, this stone will be a real diamond.

(Certified diamonds have a laser-engraved bar code. So don't think about turning it into an opportunity. Only stupid jewelers don't know it. Be honest.)



We can work with many suppliers in our products. But I asked myself:

Do I respect my customers? I can't fool my customers. Is the woman who wears a $ 10000 diamond earring worth more? No.

You should stop this madness. Maybe we will earn much less per product. However, every woman is valuable. And women are smart. We can offer products between $ 70-160.

For this reason, we included the lab diamond in our sales channel.  We have added and will continue to add all kinds of models whenever possible.


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They paid us a lot of money. Thank you.

Fit N:
18/12/2019, 02:26:48 PM

Natural diamonds can be better. But it is necessary to try.

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Это было хорошо. Спасибо Джове.

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