Black Jewelry Advice

Black Jewelry Advice

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The black color has recently become the fashion color of the jewelry. Sometimes gold or whites do not fit the skin.  There are many reasons why black is preferred. The most obvious of these is that it suits all kinds of clothes. If you are in a lot of spring flowers, of course the situation changes.

How should we buy or combine jewelry for black with two colors?

If you are going to buy white color, you should choose modern designs. These may be jewelry such as triangles, rods.

Make sure both metals are bright in rose and white colors. If the rose color is dark pink, stop taking. May be oxidized in a short time.

Never take black if used in green or apricot gold.

The black color is the most unique, so the 24-carat gold color will stand nice yes. It looks great with matte effects. Nice choice in antique jewelry.

For elegance, consider all these recommendations when using multiple necklace bracelets.

Which blacks have jewelry?

Silver Antique:

It is a very dark gray color. Mostly used in the bottom of the jewelry to give antique appearance.
It is essentially formed by completely darkening with silver sulfur. Usually amateurs dimming over 925 silver. Yes, I'm writing you the trick here: 925 must have been covered with a fine silver. Because 925 silver is not pure silver. Silver plating becomes 999 and pure silver darkens better.


Again it is a kind of dimming on silver. Gives a different black color that plays dark blue. Turkey did not see that either. But it's great that it's uniform. Turquoise, will look nice with stones like aquamarine.

Solid Brass Dimming:

Matt and gray are black. The more we see on the buttons is the black-and-yellow dimming. For some reason, those who make brass jewelry do not only create products with this black. It's always ancient. Spark plug is seen in the jewelry.

Black lacquer, Chrome, black zinc and black nickel

Especially in the Far East jewelry. You may not be aware of the danger as a clear varnish is placed on it. There are allergic and carcinogenic versions. Paint and lacquer ones can be like glossy oil paint. Ok it's cheap but maybe you need a legal inspection.

Black ruthenium:

Brown has a color between black. They're not very uniform. He usually prefers Italian gold brands.

Black Rhodium:

It has a color between dark gray and black. Our favorite aspect is that it cannot stand like paint and has a long life. Rhodium is the most expensive metal in the world, but the best metal.

Black jewelry or suitable clothes suggestions;

You should also use black and gray shades on ear-chain earrings.

Swinging black earrings, black case and long chain models should use heart in bikinis and summer shorts.

Black bracelets and rings will look great if you use them in teams in your business life. Especially on white silk.

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