Antique Egyptian Jewelry

Antique Egyptian Jewelry

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There are many legends about ancient Egyptian jewelry. Much of what we know about the ancient Egyptians comes from the things they left behind. The most important of these are jewelry. Women played an important role from the glory of the Old Kingdom to the Cleopatra period.

Most of the jewelry in the museums, between the New Kingdom and the Old Kingdom, known as the Middle Kingdom, BC. It covers four centuries between 2030-1650. Such statues and ornaments tell us about war and drought.

At the summit of the Middle Kingdom, a tomb of Princess Sithathoryunet, the daughter of a king, was looted. The thieves smuggled some fragments from this grave, where British archaeologists worked in 1914. These pieces are among the highest value found in ancient Egyptian tombs.

Among the treasures are two necklaces (mostly jewelry covering the entire breast), a crown, and a few bracelets written in the name Amenemhet III, believed to be the brother of Firem.

It belongs to the period of great power and prosperity in Egypt.

Fish jewelry is a popular symbol in ancient Egypt. It is common in ancient Egyptian jewelry and not only among women who can buy gold, but among all the people. The fish symbol was used for specific, very important beliefs.

Fishing for young girls would add an attraction. Egyptian linguists in translation, If the fish dives into the water will come to life. They found their contact.

The development of ancient Egyptian jewelry shows the transformation of culture and religion.

There are protective talisman in ancient Egyptian jewelry and motifs in magical objects. They are thought to protect young girls. Sometimes it was designed to protect children and pregnant women.

Egyptian men wear jewelry more often than the royal ones. However, it is simple bead arrangement.

Most of the jewelry in ancient Egyptian jewelry belongs to women. The royal women were always closely associated with the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Less is known about the Middle Kingdom queens and princesses, but we know that most ancient Egyptian jewelry is made for elite women.

Jewelry with inscriptions and symbolic motifs add spiritual strength. This is the role of women in supporting the kings as holy life. It also relates to the role of the Pharaoh family, an important theme in Egyptian art.

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