Clothes or Jewelry

Clothes or Jewelry

Writer Gblog 20/08/2019 0 Comments

In the past, our mothers would choose their clothes and make her wear a suitable jewelry. Oh, the old ... In our new subnimal world, our priority is not clothes. Because you have to dress for our accessory.

If I asked you to think of a man in a suit: how would you feel it would be incomplete, right? Or how the tie being pink navy would suddenly change the posture.

I don't like those throat accidents. I'il pull it off. But interestingly, every jewelry on a black turtleneck looks stylish. Wait a minute, why isn't my necklace in me?

In fact, it's about expressing passion and personality. You can expect someone who likes ancient Egyptian pyramids to express it without talking. I don't think you can wear a pharaoh costume and go to work. But that's what a nefertiti-shaped earring can tell you.

The clothes will protect you from the cold. Maybe it'il make him look weak. You may like to wear blue, but it never tells you about your accessories. Sometimes it is not enough to express animal love or worldview.

This is the big change in our fashion world. Because 200 g of yarn and 20 g of silver. Jewelry must be our top priority for style.

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