How should the jewelry be?

How should the jewelry be?

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That looks good, the jewelry is outdated. That's how you get dressed. There are many kinds. It's hard to make the right choice. Most of them are hidden in our boxes.
So, how to define a real jewelry? Here are 10 phrases:
1- The clothes tell the truth.
If an earring taken for dinner is incompatible with the dress you are wearing, that dress is not the right dress.

2- Fits fully.
A good jewelry is not abundant. Or narrow. It's right on your finger. It won't fall off your wrist. He won't tighten your neck.
3- It protects you from evil eyes.
Natural stones have a spiritual effect. They have a protective effect on your aura. Especially blue and turquoise stones.
4- Express your personality.
Free-spirited or passionate. It reflects your mood and personality.
5- It is robust.
Stones do not fall. The clip won't break. Chain does not break easily.
6- Gives you attention.
While the gaze is on you, it directs attention to you. Not your clothes or shoes.

7- Indicates your standards.
Cheap jewelry can make you look simple. But above a certain quality, it will be able to get you into the upper lane.
8- He walks with you while walking.
A good jewelry follows your body. For example, your necklace will not turn upside down.
Time is precious to you. When you choose your dress, it is obvious. And your hand goes to him.
10- There is no brand obsession.
Jewelry fashion brand is meaningless. The important thing is that the design is good. It should be original and express you.

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