Identify Necklace by Body Shape

Identify Necklace by Body Shape

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With the selection of necklaces, you may find it difficult to create the desired appearance and posture if you set off with your favorite model. If you make a conscious choice according to your body structure, you will look more elegant and beautiful. Now you must first decide your body type.

Let's make a few suggestions that I think will help you decide what kind of necklace you should choose for dinner, invitations. The trick is to choose a necklace that suits your body shape.

Hourglass body type
Plump chest, big hips, thin waist are the main features of this body type.

If you use this body type leash necklace, you get a great look. In normal necklaces, the chain should be very short. I also recommend necklaces of only one color. Pearl necklaces, small stone white metal jewelry and so on.

Pear body type
Key features of narrow shoulders, small rib cage, thin waist, big hips and plump upper legs

You should use a medium chain necklace. If the image on the necklace is large and flashy, it will make you look awesome. Colorful necklaces will be your ideal choice. Flowers, colorful stones, necklaces in black and 24K gold.

Rectangle body type
Athletic structure, broad shoulders, normal or coarse breasts, an unspecified flat waist, narrow hips and long legs

You should use medium and long chain necklaces. The necklace should be flashy as you approach the chest area. Your necklace should simplify as you go up the chest. Round pendants, necklaces with big stones, Medallions and so on.

Apple body type

Short thick neck, wide shoulders thick waist, narrow hips, wide rib cage key features

Choosing very long chains will make you look great. The chest should always stand beneath the décolleté. The necklace should be thin and long. Elevator necklaces (necklaces longer than 80 cm with periodic motifs), three stones and so on.

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