Ways to put the ex lover in the freezer

Ways to put the ex lover in the freezer

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Delete phone number and messages. You should delete the messages you've archived. Don't worry about turning around and looking at love messages. You should delete messages on social media. You might want to call at night. You have to delete the number from the phone book.

Destroy the photos you took together. Memories are a thing of the past. Don't look and look sad. It's better not to see. Delete photos from phone. And take new selfies.

Forget the songs you listened to with him. Forget the series you watch together. Even if one or two songs are missing from your phone. Even listen to the singers you never listened to. Each relationship starts with the same sequence. You might love that show. You still have to leave it.

Thinking about positive aspects. Think about the negative aspects. Let it cool down like this. For example, it may smell very sweat. Make a comparison with your ex. This is the best cooling method.

Refresh yourself. They may say that they are depressed. Never mind. This is good for you. Cut your hair. You can even paint it.

Learn new things. Learning new things helps to give your mind to other things. You can start a course. You can read books.
Tracking romantic comedies. Watch horror movies instead.
The most important ingredient. Make a new girlfriend. This is the best way to forget the old one. But there must be someone like this. He should spoil you with his presents.


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