Jewelry Color Options

Jewelry Color Options

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Gold and silver jewelry has many colors. The most commonly used are yellow, red, white and black. You can select the corresponding color when selecting the product.

Giove gives importance to skin health in its products. All yellow and red products are gold plated. Likewise, all black and white products are platinum group coatings.

If you want to choose a product in two colors; The color is from outside to inside.

The color options are available in antique silver. This color is mostly found in handmade products.

In another color we developed; twilight is. This color is platinum group coating.

Selecting the product color does not open the picture for that product. Also, the product may not have the image in the options in the image album. We try to add as many pictures of the product as possible.


18/12/2019, 02:56:00 PM

Twilight color, Gold-plated?

Gblog Giove:
18/12/2019, 02:59:26 PM

No. Rhodium Plated. It is a kind of platinum group metal.

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